Since this company has been launched over 150,000 paid members joined my awesome Stiforp Dream Team!!

How long do you wanna
wait until you join?

Watch the Stiforp Movie!

Now you can use my Stiforp Dream Team
Marketing System I have let create and
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You just order and your
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You can even join free, use it free and use
the advanced marketing techniques to
pre-populate the optin form with the prospects
email address, name and even phone.

So if you have a existing list you can use a personal
tag like {email} and it will display the email in the
link so when they click the email would be in the
optin form like this link... of course you want
see your email there but an example email...

Now as well we have these stiforp company
websites in many different languages
you can use to promote...

English Landing Pages

International Landing Pages



Brazilian Portuguese

















1. New Rank Announced – 3 Star PLUS

Starting THIS MONTH (May 2013, we have added a new rank between 3 Star and 4 Star called 3 Star PLUS.  The qualifications will be the same as 3 Star, but instead of needing 50 total active members in your enroller tree as you do for 3 Star, you need 100 to achieve 3 Star PLUS.

There are no changes in qualification for any of the current ranks.  This is an additional rank we are adding for a VERY EXCITING reason.

PLUS, just like you can qualify for 3 Star for the ENTIRE YEAR by taking advantage of our Yearly Payment Option, you can NOW qualify for 3 Star PLUS for an entire year by purchasing our brand NEW Yearly PLUS Option.

Read below to learn how you can earn DOUBLE FAST START BONUSES as a 3 Star PLUS Ranked Member…

2. HOT New Bulk Emailing Tool About to Go LIVE

Imagine being able to send 500, 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 and even up to 250,000 emails out to people looking for a way to make money from home all with the click of a button.

STIFORP is proud to announce the HOTTEST new mailing solution in the industry.

Going LIVE in May 2013, the new Stiforp Responder system allows you to load up to 500 leads per month included in a normal membership no matter if paid yearly or monthly and email them YOUR business opportunity.

In fact, you can even direct them to one of your other powerful STIFORP tools, like your landing page, personalized website, or flash movie presentation, AND use your existing STIFORP autoresponder to follow up with the ones who respond.

And for those who want to go even BIGGER, we have upgrade options available at a FRACTION of the cost of other autoresponder systems on the internet, allowing you to load up to 250,000 emails per month and send UNLIMITED emails.

We even give you suggested lead sources that we have tested to get you the best value and results for your business.

This tool very realistically could help you take your business to the next level.

Below you see a price chart for the autoresponder that goes live in May 2013 or has been gone live depends on when you reading this.


3. New Yearly PLUS Join Option Announced

To go with our new 3 Star PLUS rank AND our new email tool, we are also adding a HOT new Yearly PLUS Join Option.

While our currently yearly option for $99.95 saves you 20% off the monthly price over the course of the year AND qualifies you at 3 Star rank for the entire year to help you maximize your earnings in the compensation plan, the Yearly PLUS is even HOTTER.

For just $149.95 for the year, the Yearly PLUS option gives you ALL the benefits of the regular yearly option PLUS allows you to load up to 5,000 leads per month in the new STIFORP mailing tool for the entire YEAR which is an additional value of $240 and qualifies you at our 3 Star PLUS rank for the entire year.

And it gets even BETTER…


On everyone who joins at the Yearly PLUS level, TWO FAST START BONUSES WILL BE PAID OUT.

The first $25 Fast Start Bonus will be paid out exactly as it currently is, to the enroller.

The SECOND $25 goes to the upline qualified 3 Star PLUS member or above.

For all members who achieve the rank of 3 Star PLUS or above, either by meeting the enrollment and volume qualifications, or simply by joining at the Yearly PLUS option that gives you AUTOMATIC qualification, you will qualify to earn ADDITIONAL $25 Fast Start Bonuses on EVERYONE you personally enroll at the Yearly PLUS level, AND on everyone your UNQUALIFIED people enroll at the Yearly PLUS level.

That means if you are qualified at 3 Star PLUS or above, you will earn a $50 Fast Start Bonus on everyone you personally enroll.  And when one of your personally enrolled unranked, 1 Star, 2 Star or 3 Star members enroll someone at the Yearly PLUS level, they will earn the first $25 Fast Start Bonus, and YOU will earn the second $25 Fast Start Bonus on their people coded to YOU.

What this means - IMPORTANT

This also means that if anyone who you personally enrolled upgrades to Yearly PLUS another Fast Start Bonus WILL BE RELEASED.  That Fast Start Bonus will go to the first qualified 3 Star PLUS ranked member or above in his upline.  So if YOU are not 3 Star PLUS qualified, that Fast Start Bonus will roll OVER you and UP to the person above YOU who is qualified at 3 Star Plus or above.

So be sure to upgrade to Yearly PLUS BEFORE your members do so you don’t lose out on any Fast Start Bonuses….plus you might pick up a few extra ones from the people you enrolled who don’t upgrade fast enough when THEIR people upgrade.

And we’re not done yet…


Imagine tripling the size of your organization AND your check every TWO WEEKS.

As fast as STIFORP is growing right now, the next 3 months starting from May 1st - July 31 2013 are going to be absolutely EXPLOSIVE with our NEW RISING STAR PROMOTION.

This promotion is ONLY for 3 Star ranked members or above, so if you are not currently qualified as a 3 Star or above, you can simply upgrade to Yearly or Yearly PLUS, save money, AND receive AUTOMATIC qualification for the entire YEAR.

For all 3 Star and above members who join between May 1 and July 31, 2013 and personally enroll just 3 paid members at ANY level (monthly, yearly, or yearly PLUS) in their first 14 days in the business will qualify for our RISING STAR PROMOTION and earn a share in 1% of TOTAL COMPANY REVENUE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.

BUT, we’re not ONLY going to make this promotion available to NEW members.  We are also giving YOU, our loyal existing members, an opportunity to qualify as a RISING STAR as well.  That means, your 14 day clock starts TODAY.

Just enroll 3 new paid members at any level in the next 2 weeks, an YOU QUALIFY.

Here are the rules:

1.    Must be a 3 Star or above ranked member

2.    Personally enroll 3 new paid members at any level in your first 14 days (or for existing members from May 2)

That’s it.  1% of total revenue has ALREADY started accumulating since January 1 of this year and will continue all year even after the promotion is over.

Everyone who qualifies as a RISING STAR will be recognized on the website AND receive a share of 1% of total company revenue paid out the first week of January 2014 with December commissions.

Imagine how FAST your team will grow when EVERYONE pushes to enroll 3 people their first 14 days.  You can LITERALLY triple your organization EVERY 2 weeks.  HUGE.

If you are not yet a 3star, simply login to your Stiforp Back Office and then click on the upper left tab called “Personal Info “ then scroll down and upgrade to YEARLY ( 3Star ) or Yearly PLUS .. 

This is a GAME CHANGER.  Don’t hesitate.  This is JUST THE BEGINNING.

The next few months and beyond are going to be HUGE.

Be sure to attend as many webinars as possible with a couple of brand new guests for the next 120 days... Register for free on

Keep up the great work and keep an eye out for more updates.

Let's take STIFORP to a MILLION members THIS YEAR!

HUGE Payplan Improvements!!!

You now can earn a one time bonus...

Rank Bonus
4 Star $100
5 Star $500
5 Star Elite $50,000
Diamond Star Elite $500,000
Total $550,600

This is brandnew and I just got a nice
surprise email on Sept. 12... look below...

Hard work pays off...

If you believe... you will archieve your dreams... NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Stiforp helped me to change my life
and it can help you to and it all starts
with $9.95 per month...

...expect 1st month is $49.95 or better
pay for 1 year and take the plus
membership cost you only $199.95
1st year and 2nd year only $149.95...

That is no price for the value and
income potential you get... up to
500k$ one time bonus... WOW!

And this for a $9.95 a month
program... that's INCREDIBLE!

Income Disclaimer... you earn
when you work for it.

It takes work, dedication, patience
goal settings etc. to make this
kind of income...

This certainly does not come from just
joining and waiting on spillover etc.

You have to build a team!!!

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